The Bearded Man looks like a man just like all the others. But when the Bearded Man is Bored he gains superpowers. They appear on clothing in the form of invisible pockets full of utilities or manifest themselves through the anatomy, when fingers become tools. The Bored Bearded Man is also more creative and gains swifter movement. Like all good superheroes, The Bored Bearded Man feels compelled to share the benefits of his superpowers with the world; he wants to create pieces to embellish other people’s homes. Whatever domestic, aesthetic or utility drama besets you, the Bearded Man is Bored, so just call him.

The Bored Bearded Man, like all superheroes, has a civilian name. His name is Vasco [Manuel Santos Oliveira Águas] and he is the projects manager at O Apartamento, the Portuguese creative hub that welcomes and presents to Lisbon creative minds from around the world.

Born in Lagos, Vasco moved to Lisbon in 1996 to study architecture. Since then, worked as interior designer and designed sets for movies and television. Fascinated by haberdashers and DIY stores. One of his earliest childhood memories is in the Algarve being amazed watching his grandfather melting the lead casings that sealed bottles of wine and turning them into fishing sinkers. Or also to be fascinated with the drawings that grandmother Cecília did and later transformed into amazing embroidery. Countless memories like these of his paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother whose abilities soon made him awaken to the most diverse crafts and the need to keep them alive.