ROOF MAGAZINE, N.º12 January/February 2018

MARTINHAL - the simple luxury

by cátia fernandes

photography by isadora faustino and luis ferraz 

"In the 2017 edition of Luxury Weekend, know-how was privileged, the art of producing memorable objects and stories. Tamara Alves and the Bored Beard Man, the alter ego of Vasco Águas produced an exclusive series of works to inhabit the walls of the Martinhal."


MÁXIMA - blog, october 26th, 2017

THE 6TH EDITION of martinhal,

sagres' luxury art & design  

weekend is coming


"Bored Bearded Man, a craftsman who likes to play with words, will also show the special pieces he developed for Martinhal, using macramé and weaving.""


casa mãe - the journey. a viagem. issue 01. summer '16

vasco águas

aka barbudo aborrecido


photography by andré matos, gonçalo f. santos

"The Bored Bearded Man, like all superheroes, has a civil name. My name is Vasco [Manuel Santos Águas de Oliveira], I am fascinated by DIY stores and to building things with my own hands."

GQ, n.º152 DEcember/JANuary 2018

the good life - art design &

luxury weekend, martinhal

sagres beach family resort

hotel, sagres

by marta talhão

"It stayed in our memory the magical ten paintings that the artist Tamara Alves did for Martinhal under the theme of childhood, the macramé weavings of Vasco Águas (Barbudo Aborrecido) (...)".


observador, june 22nd, 2017

MACRAMÉ: a trend that WANTS


by mauro gonçalves

"Now Bored Bearded Man has his hands full. In addition to cotton yarn, he is always experimenting new materials, from suede yarn to ordinary cord."


time out, n.º449 4-10 of may 2016

shall we meet at your


by mauro gonçalves

"It looks like someone started making macramé plant hangers to fight boredom. Blessed be, because Bored Bearded Man's pieces resemble your grandmother's sunroom, but they are killing in the balconies of their grandchildren."

saber viver, november 2017


by ana ferreira

"These are handpicked pieces that can make a difference in a decoration. The most interesting part: they are not perfect, but they are unique and they are based on people who believe in what they do."


SABER VIVER - blog, may 2nd, 2017


The bored bearded man

"If you like handwork and want to learn how to make macramé, this post is for you. The Bored Bearded Man - Vasco Águas' alter ego - gave an introductory lesson on this technique and was teaching the basic principles of the art of build decorative pieces with knots, all of which are our most precious tools, our hands. "


time out, n.º432 6-12 of january 2016

two for one, village store

by mauro gonçalves

"There's only room for national brands here and with this 2for1 you'll be able to choose between the products of Plants & Pots, Bored Bearded Man's macramé plant hangers and the accessories of Head-Ji ".